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Loretta Neff
Loretta has specialized in character and etiquette education since 1994 with clients ranging from children to Fortune 500 companies. Loretta received a BA degree with honors and had her sights on the legal profession. But after being accepted to law school at Michigan State University, she never attended, having found her real passion to be philanthropy through teaching business and social etiquette.

Committed to the advancement of numerous charities, societies, and educational foundations, she has taken her philanthropy to another level with the formation of the EW Foundation® (EWF), an educational nonprofit providing award winning character and etiquette educational resources for children and young adults, and fundraising enhancements to charities, missions, and schools.

Inspired by her love of humanity and desire to share resources with children who need them most, Loretta is also an award winning children’s book author. Through her books and charitable efforts, she hopes to engage young minds and instill the values that can shape and transform their lives in a meaningful and measurable way.