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"What a painless way for children to learn proper behavior, helpfulness,
courtesy, and character! Wouldn't be surprised if their parents didn't pick
up a few tips along the way."

- Dianna Booher, author of Communicate with Confidence and Creating Personal Presence

"Every young person I know will be getting Tame Your Manners for their
next birthday. In fact, I'm getting one for myself!"

- D. A. Benton, author of The CEO Difference and Lions Don't Need to Roar

"Tame Your Manners at K.A.M.P. Safari is a jewel of a book."

- Kimberly Ladd, PBAU Director of Career Development and Associate Professor of Business

"Tame Your Manners is very clever, cute, and easy to visualize which will help kids remember these valuable lifetime skills. My son and I think this book is awesome!"

- Robin Groves, super mom and super athlete