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Tame Your Manners

“The safari conceit is clever and memorable, and sure to catch kids’ attention.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

Look out Emily Post, there’s a new book in town and it’s sure to guide your readers as they learn how to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. This book is recommended for home and school libraries.”

~ Literary Classics Book Reviews

“Tame Your Manners at KAMP® Safari is a creative and fun way to introduce kids to the concepts of etiquette that are the foundation behind most of our manners.

~ Lizzie Post, author and spokesperson for The Emily Post Institute

“Using wild animals and their traits as examples, author Loretta Neff provides kids with an enjoyable and humorous approach to improving manners and creating relatable experiences that put lessons in social graces into perspective—including bullying.”

~ The Children’s Book Review

Sip Tea with Mad Hatter

"Sip Tea with Mad Hatter is an empowering and educational resource that will benefit children and young adults for their entire life. In the words of Lewis Carroll: "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop." you'll be glad you did!"

~ The Children’s Book Review

"Author Loretta Neff continues to delight and inspire young readers with her unique perspective on social graces in her newest children's book, Sip Tea with Mad Hatter. Winsome illustrations will keep youngsters entertained while encouraging them to be the best of guests."

~ Children's Literary Classics

“What an entertaining way for children to pick up proper etiquette tips and character traits that will carry them far in life! wouldn’t be a bad idea to make this required reading for students attending school-hosted events!”

~ Dianna Booher, author of What MORE Can I Say? and Creating Personal Presence

“Far more than just an ‘etiquette guide’—this is truly a creative and fun way for children (and adults!) to become empowered to choose their behaviors. these powerful choices—grounded in respect and empathy for others—help build habits of thought and caring that will serve these children well throughout their entire lives!”

~ Dr. Dave Keller,